appointment scheduling
& reminders

GWHS Answering Services can work with your practice in a number of ways for appointment scheduling and reminders.

Basic Appointment Scheduling
& Reminders
The simple and easy approach to scheduling and reminders.

You give us a list of appointments or reminders and we’ll check them off we go along.  Then, you’ll get the list back to see where we left off.

Cloud Scheduling
& Reminders
Shared cloud-based scheduling resources, updated in real-time.

More organization, more control. These cloud-based calendar resources are HIPAA compliant. All information and changes are available in real-time to everyone sharing the calendar. Anything you do, we see. Anything we do, you see.

Integrated Scheduling
& Reminders
Managed access allows our operators to make appointments from within your scheduling system.

 We will work with your IT team to determine the best setup, then our operators will work from within your scheduling system to schedule appointments and conduct appointment reminders — just as you would.

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