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GWHS Answering Services is a medical-only answering service dedicated to serving the healthcare community. We provide a professional customer service presence, a dependable communications channel, and a strong response to emergency situations. We are compatible with all major secure text messaging platforms. Our customers rely on our expertise.

Founders, Howard & Valerie Petretta

Our focus is on delivering consistently exceptional off-hours and after-hours services to the healthcare community.

GWHS Answering Services has been built on a foundation of hospital telecommunications administration and hospital nursing. Our expertise is centered on customer service, reliability and a determined readiness for emergency situations. GWHS Answering Services is family owned and operated, with over 30 years of experience in the medical answering service industry.

We understand the demands of the medical practice. Our messaging services have been integrated with all major secure messaging platforms used by healthcare professionals today, allowing on-call providers to receive secure HIPAA compliant text messages via a practice’s preferred secure messaging application. The healthcare community can rely on our services to help achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance.

GWHS Answering Services is looked to for quality + compliance

The Problem: General complaints about unhelpful or rude operators

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Our Solution:

Rigorous qualifications must be met in order to join The GWHS Team. Ongoing training and quality assurance programs enhance and monitor performance. All calls are answered by friendly, helpful and professional team members. Our staff receives compliments, not complaints.

Tender care Pediatrics has been in business since 2000. We are a busy practice and have a high volume of after-hours calls. Over the years we had multiple answering services that did not meet our needs and had several patient complaints about... Read More

Padma Mandalapu MD, MS, FAAP
Tendercare Pediatrics
Northfield, NJ
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The Problem: Long ring times and hold times

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Our Solution:

At GWHS Answering Services all calls are answered live — not placed into a hold queue. This ensures real and immediate human contact. Calls are processed quickly, efficiently and accurately. Ring times and hold times are monitored live by the GWHS Management Team, keeping all ring times and hold times to a minimum.

Global Wireless Healthcare Services has been our answering service since the formation of our practice; also handling the calls for our interventional cardiology group and our sister office. All calls are answered live, ensuring that our em... Read More

Kathy Pressley
Office Manager
Virtua Cardiology Group
Voorhees, NJ
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The Problem: Offices and on-call providers not receiving messages

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Our Solution:

The most common reasons offices and on-call providers fail to receive messages given to their after-hours answering service can be attributed to operator error and technical problems. Human error is accounted for and mitigated by intuitive operator call routing processes. Technical issues are monitored and mitigated by our expert IT team, overseeing the reliability and continuity of all critical messaging applications. Problems are seen and resolved in real time.

We have been with Global Wireless Healthcare Services since they opened, and never left. We have been with other medical answering services and nothing compares to Global Wireless Healthcare Services. They are always courteous and professio... Read More

Dr. Pete Curreri
Merchantville, NJ
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The Problem: Wrong on-call providers are contacted regularly

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Our Solution:

The GWHS Scheduling and Management Teams work together to strategize and implement procedures and safeguards to make sure our operators are consistently contacting the correct on-call providers. Detailed procedures and safeguards are in place for ensuring that all call-schedules and call-schedule changes are documented and inputted accurately. Additional processes are in place to allow our operators to consistently and intuitively route calls to the correct on-call providers.

Handling our calls 24/7, Global Wireless Healthcare Services, in many ways, acts as our office. Our practice is comprised of doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who care for and tend to patients in a wide number of nursing... Read More

Joseph Conti, D.O.
Advocare Gericare Associates
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The Problem: Not receiving a response from answering service management

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Our Solution:

There is never a problem reaching the GWHS Management Team. Ever. All questions and concerns will always be received by a willing and attentive member of our management team. We are always available and we always respond to our customers.

Almost 2 years ago we switched from using pagers for our after-hours on-call providers to using Global Wireless Healthcare Services. The transition from using pagers to a live on-call service was quite “painless,” thanks to the attentive assistance... Read More

Candy M. Campbell
Office Manager
Advocare  Heights Primary Care
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Our Process:

Incoming, Off-Hours Phone Call Received

The GWHS Team answers all calls live. Callers are greeted with a pleasant and professional customer service representative.

Message Recorded, If Needed

The GWHS Team determines how to best help each caller. If a message is required, an accurate message is taken for the office or on-call provider.

Appropriate On-Call Provider Identified

By following intuitive call routing processes custom designed for compatibility with each customer’s call-schedule, messages taken by the GWHS Team are delivered to the appropriate on-call provider.

Message Delivered

The GWHS Team will deliver every message via each practice/provider’s contact preferences. Our messages services are compatible with all major secure messaging platforms.

Emergency Promptly Addressed

In the event that an on-call provider is unable to be reached, the GWHS Team will strictly adhere to all designated protocols to ensure each message requiring the attention of the on-call provider is delivered without delay.

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